"Sky Reprise" - saxophone-arrangements

A tiny contribution to a short instrumental piece, which Hans Platzgumer wrote and played on the piano: it is called "Sky Reprise" and I had the pleasure to contribute the accompanying sax-arrangement. Manfred Franzmeier stunningly plays the soprano, alto and bartione sax on this recording.

"Sky Reprise" was released as the B-side of the digital single "Near" by Convertible, Hans current musical project and you can listen to it and buy it here.

„Wintry While“ (EP) - limited knitted edition

I knitted quite a bit last winter... now almost all copies of this unique, handcrafted packaging are warming the EPs in someone else's shelf AND... yes, a few items of this limited edition are still available. 

(photo: Daniela Beranek)  

Yay! :-)


"The debut EP (six pieces) of the Viennese singer, composer and instrumentalist impresses with highly creative paintings of sounds and voices. Great!" (Kurier, 12.1.2014) 

"Wintry While" (EP) - it´s done.